Home loan & Mortgage products

Discount Variable
Basic product with good rate, surprising amount of features for basic loan.

Introductory Fixed rate.
Low intro rate that reverts to fixed rate at end of period.

Fixed Rate Home Loan.
Allows fixing of rate from 1 to 5 years.

Standard Variable
Flexible loan with high number of features.

Flexible Choice
Some part of the Loan can be fixed and some can be floating. A good way to hedge some of your loan repayments.

Portfolio Loan
Line of credit that allows you to utilise equity in your property for other investments.

Low doc
Variable rate home loan that does not require financial statements proving varification of income.

Family Pledge
Lets a family member specify a fixed amount of the loan. Great way to help your children get that first home.

Seniors Access
A reverse mortgage which allows retired people to redraw the equity of their property and never make repayments. The loan amount grows and is retired when the property is sold.