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Home loan & Mortgage products

Basic Home Loans.
Standard, "No Frills" home loan. Low rate but basic features.

Discount Home Loans and Mortgage Tamers
Introductory home loans. The choice is for fixed or floating loans, after the initial 6 or 12 month period has expired.

Variable Interest rates
Loan with more features than Basic Home Loan product. A low Documentation loan is also offered.

Standard fixed rates
Interest rate is fixed for the specified period. This period can be 1 to 5 years.

Homebury Power P&I
Loan repayments include principal and interest. Most other Adelaide Bank home products are offered with P & I repayments as well.

Interest Only Line of Credit (LOC)
Line of credit offers flexibility of making or drawing large amounts from the account. Offers great flexibility. The low doc loan can also be offered in a LOC.